Commerce Made Easy

How can commerce be easily learned?

This post is about Chapter 1 of Gary P. Schneider’s book, “ Electronic Commerce” and my personal experience with online shopping. Despite its many chapters I will help you to retain this information with no stress.

Like many of you, e-commerce didn’t seem important to learn or the thought of learning business scares you.

You know I’m right.

Let’s face it, we can’t avoid nor run from it but when I read “Electronic Commerce” by Gary P. Schneider my mind was at ease. Now get this, E-Commerce is simply the involvement of all business activities using internet technology. This itself is easy to remember since we constantly shop online. Also, America doesn’t have the largest online market.


It’s actually Asia which makes sense because of the population. It was easy for me to remember this since there are a lot of E-Commerce Asian websites. My point is that due to their growth, their influence will continue to change the e-commerce game. Think about it, Asian e-commerce sites are constantly popping up such as Aliexpress, Rosegal etc. I used to shop on many of these sites for affordable merchandise but it didn’t occur to me why their sites were more prevalent during this time.  What I also realized that from these sites they want the consumer to never leave nor desire objects from another site. This is also called “stickiness”.

You think I’m lying, don’t you?

Consider this: Why do they continue to frequently update their site? This is to gain more consumers to their site. More consumers equal more money!

These sites are examples of B2C.  B2C or Business to Consumer is when we as consumers shop or make a purchase on the web. Business to Business such as B2B includes transactions that are operated between other web businesses. Consumer to Consumer (C2C) involves people conducting a bargain/negotiation among themselves such as the popular apps Mercari, LetGo and OfferUp. Business to Government (B2G) is very similar to Business to Business in terms of ownership.

To know or gain knowledge of Electronic Commerce, you must know the vocabulary by relating to the terms. Thanks for reading.


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